Sysfore Retail - Retail ERP software for midsize retailers

Sysfore Retail ERP is built to handle fairly complex retail operations for midsize businesses. Sysfore Retail ERP is built on the community edition of the Openbravo platform with a modern technical architecture and scalable framework at its core. As an ERP for retail business operations, it is designed to be reliable, adaptive and extensible to operate as a long term strategic asset.

Sysfore Retail ERP is retail ready and can be deployed quickly for immediate gains.

Feature sets available in Sysfore Retail ERP are:
  1. Sysfore Retail Master Data Management
  2. Sysfore Retail Merchandise Operations Management
  3. Sysfore Retail Pricing & Promotions Management
  4. Sysfore Retail Supply Chain Management
  5. Sysfore Retail Financial Management
  6. Sysfore Retail HR & Payroll

Additionally, to enable retailers to enable customer fulfilment at both physical stores and online stores, we offer:
- Sysfore Retail POS,
- Sysfore Retail eCommerce Store.

Sysfore Retail POS and Sysfore Retail eCommerce Store have been designed to interface with Sysfore Retail ERP at the backend.

All features sets and modules in Sysfore's retail solution kit are built using open standards and can work with any 3rd party retail technology that supports these open standards.

These key retail management feature sets are tightly integrated and provide a 360-degree, real time view of the retail enterprise.
Benefits of Sysfore Retail ERP based solution kit for midsize retailers
THE PROMISE BENEFITS & RESULTS BACKED BY Sysfore Retail ERP based solution kit
COMPREHENSIVE 360-degree view into operations
Control of retail operations
Essential core functionality
Integrated cross-channel retail ERP
  • POS & Store Management
    • Store POS
    • Store Back Office POS
  • eCommerce/Web storefront
    • Retail Master Data Management
    • Retail Merchandise Management
    • Pricing & Promotions Management
    • Financial Management
    • HR & Payroll.
RETAIL READY Quick to deploy
Easy user adoption
  • Essential Retail Functionality Pre-built
  • Pre-defined Configuration Templates
  • Prebuilt Master Data Setups
  • Designed to be Scalable
SUSTAINABLE VALUE Long term asset & Lifetime
Returns Lower total costs of operation and ownership
Agile-easier to extend and adapt
  • Built on standard non-proprietary web technologies.
  • Open standards and built on an open-source core.
  • Can be integrated with 3rd party technology with open standards.


We are very happy with the successful implementation of Openbravo ERP at Decathlon India.... Jeremie Ruppert

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Retail Operational Efficiency

"Our whitepaper discusses the critical success factors for operational control and efficiency at midsize retailers.The whitepaper also introduces midsize retailers to a viable technology in the form of retail ready software built on an open source core to open standards".